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Do you know how to find a fake travel agent in Kolkata. Before visiting a travel agent in Kolkata read this which can help you stay safe.

Most of us wish to travel a lot. For this we need to find a best travel agent. In fact there is no such highly recommended agent. But we can select the best as per our choice. For this we need a list of them.

Out of millions of websites online that provide travel agents in Kolkata, I found Freezonal list is a great source for finding the best travel agent in Kolkata.

Typically travel agent scammers use travel images stolen from other websites to promote their destinations. They create fake travel agencies for couple of months at a time, get hundreds of avid tourists who pay for cheap plane tickets, train tickets and travel packages on the spot, and then close down their “business”.

Usually these frauds are commonly from Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, etc and they run a small call centre even to handle customer calls. After they close their travel business they start another scam business in travel or any other industry and cheap people. They are making millions every month.

Nobody is complaining about them as no-one want further trouble by tracking these frauds. So always make sure to check travel agents from freezonal classified ads which we found a genuine source. Still you need to check each of them carefully. I recommend freezonal just because of the reason that they check every classified listing in their website and usually take down take agents and very bad agents from their directory. Their support is good and is taking care of their brand name. Though they are not a big brand but they take care of their business very seriously.

For a better ease of use, you can download freezonal travel agent classified android app from play store.