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SMS Greet is the only website where you can browse millions of sms messages without paying any charges. SMSGreet.com is designed by the developers of Northern Ireland's biggest Used Car Website called Used Cars NI( https://www.usedcarsni.net).

So never make a constant image for everyone..
Bco’z every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

Be like The Fruit..
Berautiful on The outside,
And Healthy on The Inside..

Luck is not ur hand But work is in ur hand.

Luck never makes ur work but work can make ur luck…so all ways trust in yourself..

Every new day is a new chapter of life bringing new topics,
New moments 4 life i wish 2day all the good moments approch to u..

v.warm morg-nice day !
Happiness is perfume.
You cannot spread on others without getting a few drops on urself,
So always be happy to make others happy !!

U can live for 40 days without food,
3 days without water,
8 minutes without air,
But not a second without hope !
So never loss hope ! You can win.

The greatest mistake of most of human beings.
‘They listen half,understand quarter,
Think zero,react DOUBLE & remember FOREVERE

Sorrow keeps you human,
Failure keeps you humble,
Success keeps you glowing,
But only God keeps you going.

Fight for the revenge is emotion,
Fight for the Money is profession,
But for me ,Fight for the people,is my ambition..””

Achivement always comes to the person who is looking for it but not to the person who is just waiting for it..