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Hoping that the love you shared years ago Is still as strong today as it was then Bringing you much joy, love and happiness To celebrate again. Happy Anniversary.

May the love that you share lasts a lifetime and may you accomplish all the dreams a that you have entwined together!
A very happy Wedding Anniversary to a wonderful couple!

I’m sending this bouquet of love To say that I love you so much I hope I say it often enough I want you to know it’s true,On this special occasion I want to remind you That you are my everything And my love is true, Happy Anniversary Lover!

May you rock each other’s life at all times; and your love and liking for each other grow with each passing day!
Happy wedding anniversary to a wonderful couple!

The most important thing you fixed was on your day of leisure;
When you fixed your eyes on me that day I’ll always treasure.
Happy Wedding Anniversary, my Love!

To the beautiful couple in all the land,
May your anniversary be Happy and Grand.
Happy Anniversary

Life will become much easier when we will finally understand which hands to shake and which ones to hold!

Happy Anniversary

Adam and Eve started love;
Romeo and Juliet introduced it;
Devdas and Paro suffered due to it;
Laila and Majnu died for it;
So my dear Love its you and me who live with each other after the die

Happy Anniversary

If you are asking if I need you. the answer is forever,
If you are asking if I’ll leave you, the answer is never,
If you are asking what I value, the answer is you,
If you are asking if I love you, the answer is I do.
Happy wedding anniversary, my love!

People who meet you in the journey of life expect a lot of things from you;
But there won’t be anyone like me who expects nothing more in life than just you.
Please be mine for all the sunrises and sunsets of life!