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Sunny day, blooming flowers
What a beautiful day of Easter!
God has proved His power,
To let you and I live longer!
Happy Easter!

Easter has come to the waiting world and all nature is silent, in breathless anticipation of a holy proclamation: He is not here, but is risen. May the miracle of Easter make all the difference in your life.

May God keep you away from misfortunes, devious people and evil tongues.Have a blessed and happy Easter!

To make this day more meaningful, I will give you time to be silent and say a little prayer to God. He loves to see children pray. Happy Easter!

Have a happy Easter, Dad. A loving wish that Easter will be
especially bright for you, and bring out all the happiness that always is your due! Have a great day. Dad.

Let the Easter eggs serve as your reminder that nothing can hinder you in fulfilling your dreams. I’m wishing you an extraordinary Easter!

You are given a new life so that you can have more time to play and say sorry for all the things you did wrong. Happy Easter!

Special Easter wishes

Special Easter wishes, you are loved so very much and are so very dear, and sharing Easter day with you is more fun every year! Have a happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you, Grandaughter. You’re a honey, you’re a sweetie and a darling all the way, and here’s hoping on this Easter you’re a happy girl all day! Happy Easter, Granddaughter.

Children have a pure heart that makes them admirable.
Stay happy and always possess that simple child in you.
Happy Easter!