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Sometimes god closes all doors & shuts all the windows.During those times,trust him bcoz may be there is storm outside and he wants u safe.

When we see our beloved one after a long gap,we want to share many things but smile n silents are the first one we share..

‘Luck is not in ur hands but decision is in ur hands’

Ur decision can make luck but luck can’t make ur decision.

So always trust urself’

Man in God’s shop: Wat do U sell ?
God: Watever ur Heart Desires.
Man: I want success & Happines
God smiled & said ‘I sell only seeds Not Fruits”

No one can Touch words,But,
Words do touch one’s Heart & soul Remember,We are masters of our unspoken words & slaves of our spoken words !!

Prayers and seeds are similar in nature..!!
Both have nothing within,but have the potential of creating everything…

Do not store dreams in ur eyes,
They may roll down with tears.
Store them in ur heart,
Each heart beat will inspire u to fulfill them.

‘SMILE’ is a cooling system of heart,
sparking system of eyes,
Lighting system of face,
Relaxing system of mind,
To active all system.
Keep smiling..

Never apply TERMS & CONDITIONS in your relation..!!

Otherwise that will be changed in CONTRACTS..!!

Have A Meaningful Day..

Relationship should have the determination like SANDAL-WOOD which never loses its fragrance even if it is broken into thousand pieces..