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May all the sweet magic – Sms Jokes

May all the sweet magic of Christmas conspire
To gladden your hearts and fill every desire.
Merry X-MAS


Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees
Mom!!!! money is made from
paper & paper comes from trees.
Therefore your argument is

I Made No Resolutions – Sms Jokes

I Made No Resolutions For The New Year.
The Habit of Making Plans,
Criticizing, Sanctioning
And Molding My Life
Is Too Much of
A Daily Event For Me

The Key Of Love – Sms Jokes

Kiss Is The Key Of Love,
Love Is The Lock Of Marriage,
Marriage Is The Box Of Children,
And too many Children means more Problem for the world
So Please Stop Kissing & Save the world for a while…

Sometimes it’s better – Sms Jokes

Sometimes it’s better
to Bunk a class & do fun with
When I look back,
Marks never make me laugh
Memories do.

One million copies – Sms Jokes

One million copies of a new book sold
In just two days due to typing error of one alphabet in title.
“An idea,that can change your WIFE”
While real word was(LIFE).

Your Ex-GirlFriend Asking If u Can Still Be Friends After A Break-Up..
.It is Like..
A Kidnapper Telling U To Keep In Touch.!!

I am Looking for a Bank – Sms Jokes

I am Looking for a Bank
which can perform Two things for me.
Give me a Loan,
then Leave me Alone….

My Hands Never Have – Sms Jokes

My Hands Never Have Pain
When Typing SMS For You,
But My Heart Always
In Pain When There Is No Reply For Me!.

Womens are like Fruits – Sms Jokes

Womens are like Fruits.
Every Woman has her own unique taste and colour…
The problem is the Men.
They seem to love Fruit salad..